Toast to high spirits!

I often wonder what do rich people talk about. What do people who don't have to worry about money talk about? I, too dream of growing rich one day and often think about my rich worries, beyond the five-buck fight with an auto driver, rickshaw-puller a vegetable vendor, a cobbler and others for a fair deal. I, too, see a world beyond compromising on my wants, needs, desires with a hand-full budget.
Let’s face the day when I grow rich—I would be worrying about the stock market. I would be worrying about my tax bracket. And worst, I would be worrying about how wine-drinking in India is an awfully ‘expensive’ game, just like how my rich buddies worry and talk most often. Gosh the mere thought of it is giving me jitters.
How would I face all those biggies making a ‘sophisticated’ noise about almost everything? Guess I will be telling them to look hard for bargains, to look beyond big names and hefty price tags to discover some of the most impressive, yet affordable wines!
Though it won’t be acceptable to them, but I am sure it won’t be that easy for me to part with my oh so ‘middle-class attitude’. I would be trying my best to make my buddies positive with ‘plain talks’. I would be busy passing some positivity among my pals by telling them that things are not all that bad. Despite high taxation and reckless profiteering by hotels, we can still discern between Bordeaux and Burgundy; though such iconic wines cost a lot in India, but sometimes the price paid is worth it. Besides, not many people can afford it.
The rich world and their petty concerns, I am sure I would pity the ‘poor rich’, who are not so lucky to fight it out and win over life every day.


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